Evan Johnson Anthology Disc Four

Disc four features 0 keyboard based instrumentals, 11 guitar based instrumentals, and various takes and versions of 26 songs with lyrics.

1. (nine blank seconds)
2. Ashes to Ashes (take 2)
One of the better songs so far with good lyrics and a good harmony vocal. Evan writes about something besides romantic love.
3. The Danger (guitar instrumental 17)
An ominous bass-like line defines this good instrumental
4. Put A Cab In It (guitar instrumental 18)
A short undeveloped chord instrumental
5. Now That It's In It (guitar instrumental 19)
A multi-tracked acoustic guitar chord instrumental that ends abruptly
6. Just Drive (guitar instrumental 20)
The idea from tracks 4 and 5 is developed further to create an intersting rhythmic effect.
7. Ashes of Ashes (guitar instrumental 21)
This sounds somewhat like track 2, but with lead acoustic guitar replacing the vocal
8. Love In A Bottle I
Fans familiar with the How Could I Know album will know the sequel to this song. Some enjoyable wordplay and imagery further develops ideas first expressed in Love Can Do That.
9. Keepin' It Out (take 1)
This early version of Evan's biggest song has a slightly different melody and a harmonica solo section.
10. You've Heard Those Words Before (take 3)
Another try at one of Evan's best songs. This is the most developed version yet, with a well thought out intro, a double tracked vocal, and an ending.
11. Nothin' Ever Really Seems To Change (take 2)
Now we seem to have reached a certain critical mass of quality. This is the most developed version of one of Evan's better songs.
12. (accidentally banded - merely the typical Evan strumming flourish that ends the previous track)
13. Keepin' It Out (take 2)
This is the version from the demo that helped convince Kaptain Karl and I to take Evan on as our touring partner and opening act. The structure is the same as the version on How Could I Know.
14. How Could I Know (take 1)
Definitely one of Evan's top three or four songs. Tracks 13-17 were the five track cassette demo Evan gave to Great Uncle Helmer. Contains the original (and to me preferable) second line of the third verse, "Heroes, horizons, distance, and time."
15. Nothin' Ever Really Seems To Change (take 3)
This song was probably short-listed for How Could I Know and will presumably be on Evan's next CD.
16. The Bells (take 1)
A chiming guitar reinforces the refrain of this song. Evan has made a quantum leap in developing song ideas and quality lyrics.
17. Love in a Bottle II (take 1)
This song became a live favorite with bass from me and harmonica from Kaptain Karl and was included on How Could I Know.
18. Love in a Bottle II (take 2)
I suspect this take was actually recorded before track 17 as some of the lyrics are replaced by mumbling. It begins with the fingerpicking that reappears at the end the version on How Could I Know. The vocal is enjoyably earnest. It is clearly a song its author is excited about. "Say it's a bird" was later replaced with "Might say it has wings" which is smoother.
19. (accidentally banded - merely the typical Evan strumming flourish that ends the previous track)
20. How Could I Know (take 2)
21. How Could I Know (take 3)
Like track 18, I suspect these versions were recorded before track 14. They lack the guitar's delay effect that helps define the finished song. The bridge has only some humming, not words and the song peters out.
22. Maybe You Can Tell Me
For some reason this is announced as a "test recording".
23. How Could I Know (take 4)
A recorder and an echoing vocal backup distinguish this take. The guitar's delay effect is in place, but the bridge still lacks lyrics.
24. You Don't Want To (take 1)
A mild chorus effect on the guitar, which is now an Evan trademark. Some of the lyrics are not fully developed and the song cuts off abruptly
25. You Don't Want To (take 2) (guitar instrumental 22)
This is pretty clearly an instrumental version of track 24, not a separate song.
26. You Look Into Her Eyes (take 1)
This version ends after Evan's voice breaks slightly
27. You Look Into Her Eyes (take 2)
28. I Don't Wanna Stay
Some half-mumbled lyrics and the arpeggiated guitar chords. I think a missed chord is the reason this take ends.
29. Sister Sara
This abbreviated song idea was developed very successfully in live shows with Karl and I.
30. A Ship (take 1)
31. A Ship (take 2)
A somehow "modern" groove similar to Harvey Danger's "Flagpole Sitta" drives this interesting song idea.
32. Did It Find You? (take 1)
33. Did It Find You? (take 2)
A quiet, fingerpicked song that returns to the theme of love and loss.
34. Nothin' Like You (take 2)
A somewhat more complete take of the very good song last demoed on disc 2. Probably should be short-listed for Evan's next CD.
(accidentally not banded)
You've Heard Those Words Before (take 4)
This could be called "The No Version" as it consists primarily of that word.
35. Hush, Hush Darlin' (take 2)
36. Hush, Hush Darlin' (take 3)
The "I can't believe" bridge section, sung in a strange and somehow British high voice. There is no indication this part will join with or was inspired by disc 3's "Hush, Hush Child".
(accidentally not banded)
Please Be Home
A simple song about wanting to communicate with a loved one. Forerunner to 2003's Long Distance Line.
(accidentally not banded)
That's Okay (take 1)
Quotes part of the Beatles' "Maggie May"
37. Choose to Believe
We're back now to mumbled song ideas.
38. The Quiet Game (guitar instrumental 23)
39. The Winner Of (guitar instrumental 24)
These two pieces seem to go together and possibly are only separate due to a banding mistake.
40. Dickens' Age
A good, interesting song that bears some resemblance to the later "Moments, Days, & Ages". I think I may have heard this live a few times.
41. Reach Out And Touch Someone (take 3)
Some sophisticated chord changes open this update of the old song about phone sex.
(accidentally not banded)
Dar Song
This song slyly mentions several musical landmark albums. We played a more developed version of this live later. This early version of it also bears some resemblance to "You Call Me Baby"
42. The Bells (take 2)
I suspect this was recorded before track 16, which is a more complete sounding version.
43. The Bells (take 3)
This song starts with instructions on how to play it, which is helpful.
44. How Could I Know (take 5)
A snippet of the "no" bridge which ends with something that sounds like glass breaking.
45. In The Know (take 1) (guitar instrumental 25)
46. In The Know (take 2) (guitar instrumental 25)
It sounds like Evan is playing a real recorder on this, further emphasizing his move away from the keyboard to acoustic instruments.
47. I'm A Simple Man
This bears a resemblance to several other Evan songs including "Keepin' It Out", "Love in a Bottle II", and "Sister Sara". It is pretty good.

The rest of the disc consists primarily of extremely short snippets of various songs, some of which I may not have recognized properly. I think it is mostly banding errors.

48. (long silence)
49. Don't You Hear It Ringin' (take 1)
50. Takes Her Clothes Off (guitar instrumental 26)
51. Uptempo! (guitar instrumental 27)
52. (brief near-silence)
53. So Many Things (take 2)
54. Reach Out And Touch Someone (take 4)
55. The Bells (take 4)
56. The Bells (take 5)
57. Reach Out And Touch Someone (take 5)
58. Downtempo (guitar instrumental 28)
59. So Many Things (take 3)
60. That's Okay (take 2)
61. Don't You Hear It Ringin' (take 2)

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