Our Christmas Song

by Kaptain Karl

Children lie restless with sheets wrapped around them
Dreaming of presents still sleeping they count them
Driving back home from a last shopping night
A man rubs his eyes as he waits for the lights
They're red and they're green and they celebrate too
But winter is cold and the stores are a zoo
The Christmas card sits on the table
Where the star rises over the stable
Since time out of mind though our memory's long
The dark night takes flight at the strains
of our Christmas song

Out in the barnyard the angel rejoices
Midwinter cattle discover their voices
The yule log arises in fiery sparks
Orion has broken the back of the dark
The hallowed, the holy, the ancient of days
Working in wintry, mysterious ways
Old Father Christmas was never
Afraid of the wind and the weather
On Thunder, on Lightning, you reindeer rush on
Fly through the night and alight in our Christmas song

Children are singing away in the manger
Kings in the East and of things even stranger
Wassailers wassailing are standing beneath
The holly and ivy and mistletoe wreath
Caroling madly to bring back the sun
The spirit of Christmases haunts everyone
O Tannenbaum won't you remind us
There's six thousand years behind us
Out in the future the winters stretch long
Bright with electric light, bright with our Christmas song
Our Christmas song

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